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Public Appearances

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What Are People Saying?

"I have to say that I have honestly never felt better overall in a very long time. The food/cooking required is a learning curve for myself, but one that I’ve come to very much enjoy. I think I like the preparation almost as much as the final result; being awesome meals, and endless energy."

"I am emailing just to tell you how much I love your cookbook. I am 56 years old & have been feeling run down & unmotivated for the last 5 years. I've tried different plans but never stuck with them. A friend of mine told me about your book & when I looked at it & saw the recipes I decided to give it a try. I have had a week of your delicious recipes & am loving them!! I have had major caffeine withdrawl headaches the first week, but thankfully they are gone."

"I wanted to give you some great feedback. I just finished up a patient visit with a woman who had bought about 10 copies of your book to give as holiday gifts for her work colleagues and family. They now all do lunch together cooking from your book. One person does a soup, another does a salad and the other the main course. They then share it all for a few days. They are all feeling much better with their health concerns and are enjoying it thoroughly! "

"The Delicious Detox is amazing! I have struggled with my weight for years and had just gotten used to the idea of being another chubby girl. I found some success after university on a weight loss program, but you guessed it, as soon as I was done the program, the weight came back. The Delicious Detox has reshaped my relationship with food and I believe that I really am making a lifestyle change and not just another fad. Since completing the detox, my skin is better, my sleep is more sound and my energy is more consistent. As well, since the detox, it has become easier to navigate for healthy foods in grocery stores and restaurants, I crave less sweets and the majority of my diet is filled with detox friendly foods. This has been a really amazing experience – and many of my friends and family have taken an interest in my new habits. "

"Thank you for your knowledge and for changing our families' lives. I am hoping that we all will live healthier and live longer as well."